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The Eventmatrix

In a nutshell

The Eventmatrix is a database that contains all possible events.
You’ve got everything regarding the offering at a single glance: availability, price, and so on.

Your advantages

• A world of events at your fingertips
• Tickets delivered in your name to the office you designate, free of charge
• No loss of time or money dealing with administration
• Super discounts for you, your customers and personnel
• Up to 4 different formulas per event
• A fixed management fee per month or per year

Angu’s role

• We manage the matrix for you.
• We take care of weekly updates.
• We develop tailored VIP or other packages for you.
• We handle the administrative details of ordering for you.
• We personalise the tickets and deliver them in your name to the specified address.

The matrix contains detailed information about each event:

• Date and starting time
• Location
• Type of seats
• Prices from lowest to highest category
• Weekly update of available seats
• Link to the website of the event and the artist(s)
• Language of the organisation and event


According to the formula that you choose.
Contact us for a personal offer, free of obligation.